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Jungle Loop  

Jungle Loop

manufactured by: INNO Heege GmbH
-swing height options: appr. 8,00m and 6,25m.
-max. load: 180kg

-number of seats in gondola: 2

-speed, rotation and direction is controlled by riders
-gondola is activated by joystick between the two seats
-suitable: both outdoor/indoor use
-installation: both with foundation and steel base frame
-no operator required for ride
-pre-condition to start the ride: 1 adult at start panel (min. height and weight required)


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Prospekt Jungle Loop


Jungle Loop      jungle loop











manufactured by: Inno Heege GmbH & Co KG
-min. space requirement: 4 x 8,5m
-number of seats in gondola: 4
-max. load: 300kg
-operation: self-operated
-coin-operated version: available


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Prospekt Komet

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